Office Hours: 8AM – 4PM

(520) 825-3048


Your safety is our number one priority


Patrol One provides SaddleBrooke One with quality 24/7 year-round coverage for the Association’s and residents’ property through patrols, providing assistance when needed and enforcing the Association’s Rules and Regulations in a courteous, cost-efficient and friendly manner.

What does Patrol One do?

That is our Mission statement, but what does Patrol really do?


  • Patrol One is a 24/7 information source for our residents. If any resident has a question or concern, they can call patrol. They monitor all emergency calls and provide assistance to the Golder Ranch Fire Department or Pinal County Sherriff’s Deputies when needed.

    They investigate all accidents that happen in SaddleBrooke One and provide Incident reports for residents and other agencies as required.

    They provide input to Common Grounds and Facilities by checking for: common area lights that are out; street signs that are faded or damaged; stop signs or other traffic signs that are faded or damaged; streets that have overhanging tree limbs or trees and bushes that are blocking signs.

  • In short, Patrol on a 24/7 basis is the eyes and ears of our wonderful community and they try to make sure each resident can safely enjoy our SaddleBrooke lifestyle.